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Tristan Kirkpatrick on the National Institute of Teaching

Tristan Kirkpatrick

Director of Computer Science, Outwood Grange Academies Trust

One of the great strengths of how the new National Institute of Teaching (NIoT) is set up is its range of partnerships – from the four founding academy trusts to the numerous Associate Colleges and then the specialist partners.

This will allow for scale at a national level with all corners of the country reached, including schools in our most disadvantaged communities. The four founding trusts of the School-Led Development Trust alone lead more than 170 schools.

And it also means there will be collaboration on a grand scale. Irrespective of the type of school or setting, or where a teacher or leader is in their career, collaboration fosters best practice and drives ever-better teaching quality across the whole sector – all for the greatest benefit of the people that the NIoT is really all about, the children and young people in our country’s schools.

But the breadth and depth of the NIoT’s partnerships also hold the promise of improving recruitment and retention. Providing sufficient, strong, skilled support, based on best practice and encouraging as much deep collaboration as possible – especially for Early Career Teachers – is essential if colleagues are to continue to want to join and then remain in our sector.

All these great academy trusts, and the range of partners, are coming together to create such positive, systemic change that is school-led. The fact that the NIoT is being delivered by teachers for teachers makes it especially credible. They know what is needed when it comes to training and development, they understand workloads and time pressures, and they have the expertise and track record to train classroom practitioners, middle and senior leaders, and system leaders.

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