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Why The National Institute Of Teaching Is Needed  

Tarjinder Gill

Associate Director of Research and Pedagogy, Outwood Grange Academies Trust 

What teachers and leaders need is a system of teacher development that is evidence-informed and evidence-led. This means we can break the cycle of silver bullets, fads and short-term initiatives in favour of long-lasting improvements in schools that lead to improved pupil outcomes, especially for our most disadvantaged pupils.

With the National Institute of Teaching (NIoT), teacher development will be delivered by school practitioners – that in itself is a good thing, underlining how the NIoT will be school-led. But having practitioners at the helm also means that they will be able to share widely the way in which evidence is translated into practice in our best schools, which benefits the sector as a whole.

What I find particularly exciting is the Institute’s remit to develop research on teacher and leader development. Teacher development, like good classroom practice, should not be left to chance or coincidence. Novice teachers should not face the sink-or-swim scenarios of the past but rather be guided by well-trained mentors who themselves are receiving the development they need to be successful. Being school-led means that the Institute is perfectly placed to be able to identify where additional research is needed to improve professional development across the system.

The National Institute of Teaching will lead a new era of teacher development in our country’s school system. That it will be school-led is a cause of celebration for all.

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