The Distinct Challenge of Executive Leadership

“Being an Executive Leader is really difficult at first. You’ve got Emperor’s New Clothes. What is this job? You’re not actually running anything… You move from Operational Leadership to Systems Leadership – and it’s a different sport! You want to get busy and do stuff. But you’re being paid for your wisdom – to facilitate […]

Pip Sanderson: Investment where it’s really needed

Investment where it’s really needed When I trained as a teacher back in 2011 the term evidence-informed teaching was hardly ever used. But here we are a decade on with evidence-informed teaching firmly seen as the gold standard in English schools. Not only has this raised the status of the profession, but it’s given students […]

George McMillan: National scale, local roots

One problem education has faced over the past few years in England is that it has become more fragmented and one consequence of that is that professional development can be quite disjointed. The training one teacher will experience at one end of the country might be very different to what their colleague will see at […]

Carla Price from Harris Boys’ Academy East Dulwich on the NIoT

I should have a good understanding of how teaching qualifications are best designed and delivered as I am both a facilitator and a participant.  What I have seen most clearly, from both sides of the fence, is the power of programmes that are school-led, as will be the case with the National Institute of Teaching […]

Tristan Kirkpatrick on the National Institute of Teaching

One of the great strengths of how the new National Institute of Teaching (NIoT) is set up is its range of partnerships – from the four founding academy trusts to the numerous Associate Colleges and then the specialist partners. This will allow for scale at a national level with all corners of the country reached, […]

Why The National Institute Of Teaching Is Needed  

What teachers and leaders need is a system of teacher development that is evidence-informed and evidence-led. This means we can break the cycle of silver bullets, fads and short-term initiatives in favour of long-lasting improvements in schools that lead to improved pupil outcomes, especially for our most disadvantaged pupils. With the National Institute of Teaching (NIoT), teacher development […]

Helen Arya on the National Institute of Teaching

The National Institute of Teaching represents a dynamic and new approach – but one that the system has been working towards for years. The potential of what this can achieve – for teachers and therefore for children and young people – is what really excites me.   We have been talking for many years about the […]